Five Important Features to Consider When Buying A Milk Frother

According to the opinion of many people, before they buy anything they often give some criteria. Of course, they will consider the product basing on those elements. This will help you buy the product more exact. Moreover, you will choose the product as your requirement. In my opinion, I also apply this method to select a best milk frother. Finally, I bought a milk frother with the good price and the high quality. And I am very satisfied with this. In this writing, I will give a short introduction about five important features to consider when you want to buy a milk frother. I think you can follow these features to pick the most appropriate milk frother for your family, right!


1. How to Speed


The speed of the milk frother is one of the factors to evaluate the quality of the milk frother. And the power of the motor and the batteries will relate to its speed. To get more information about this, please see the following explanation:

  • For the motor, if your milk frother has any problem you must change it. In addition, after using for a long, the motor also becomes weaker than in the early period.
  • For the batteries, you always find out the reason to improve the speed of your milk frother. You change the new good batteries. AAAA is your choice. With this way, you also make your machine have the speed better.

The speed when you froth milk is very important because it will affect the frothing process. So you must pay attention to test its speed.


2. Stick Thickness

milk frother stick thickness

In fact, I do not make sure that the stick thickness is more important than the speed. But it is also very important because the stick thickness will maintain the stable rotation. That is the reason why it can control the amount of air which it is into milk. With a thick and firm stick, it will more stable than a thin stick. In my experience, it is very difficult to find out the thick stick on the market.

It is very easy to understand that many people want to buy the thin sticks and they will sell with the same price with the thick sticks. So, it is very necessary to have a lot of experience to choose a milk frother. After reading this writing, you will know a way to choose the thick stick.


3. How about The Stick Connect to Body


You should remember that to have the stable rotation for the milk frother. You should consider the stick connection to it handle. I like the stick is a part of the stick’s body.

Besides, some frothers have the head connected to the stick. However, other frothers have the head which they can be removable. With this type, the milk can stick into the connection place between the stick and the head.  For the frother, it has a rubber head. It will loosen over time. I think you should not choose the rubber head.


4. Start Button


On a milk frother, there are two different positions of the start buttons for the milk frother. They include:

  • Firstly, the start button of the frother is on the side. At this time, you will be more comfortable to push this button. Many people do not often note the position of the start button. However, in many cases, they will be very uncomfortable to control this button to froth milk.
  • Secondly, you must click a button to start your frother. After that, you also click this to stop your frothing milk. In my opinion, I still like the push button. You will feel that it is easier for controlling.


5. Weight of The Milk Frother

milk-frother weight

This feature is often forgotten when some people choose the milk frother. However, you will recognize its importance during using. With the heavy weight, you will feel more difficult to move the milk pitcher up and down while frothing. Thus, it is better to care for its weight. Actually, with the light milk frother, you will be easy to handle as well as to move up and down the pitcher.

In summary, depending on the criteria of each person to choose a milk frother, you can refer to 5 features in this article. Your final target wants to get the best milk frother so you should give the most basic features. This will help you have the important basis for your selection. I hope that they are the good suggestions for you.

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