Three Recommended Aplliances For Purifying Indoor Air

You come home after surviving heavy traffic and outdoor pollution and you think you are safe from polluted air. Wait, you are maybe completely wrong. Even if you close your door and windows, harmful pollutants still find their ways into your house. And does anyone in your family smoke? The emitted gas from cooking in the kitchen is also a source for poor air quality. Let’s keep your indoor air clean with the following recommended appliances: air purifier, air conditioner and essential oil aromatherapy diffuser.


 1. Air purifier

 Air purifier

The first appliance in your mind for purifying the air is, well, probably the air purifier itself. This appliance is specifically designed to pollutants in the air.

There are various types of air purifiers but in general, this appliance works by drawing air from a space into the unit, push the air through multiple filters for purifying and then release clean air back into the space through a vent.

You can easily find HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters in most air purifiers. These filters assist the cleaning process very effectively.

An air purifier is said to bring about numerous benefits, for example:

  • It deals with various types of pollutants/impurities like dust, pet dander, smoke or pollen. Manufacturers often claim that air purifiers are beneficial to people suffering from asthma or allergies, helping them breathe easier.
  • It helps to suck up bad odors, including second-hand smoke or heavy cooking smell
  • It assists better sleep and helps to relieve stress
  • Lower cleaning cost is required.

It does not come without any shortcoming, though. Frequent maintenance is required even though cleaning is quite easy. It is important to buy a 100 percent ozone-free unit avoid the armful by-product of ionizing. The appliance is also quite noisy; it needs a very powerful fan motor to move the air around.


2. Air conditioner


The air conditioner does not just help you control the room temperature. You may think a unit with UV and Cold Plasma technologies is useful for purifying the air. These technologies do help in some ways but are not the best options. UV technology sterilizes the air by killing bacteria and virus but it does not deal with dust. Meanwhile, Cold Plasma technology helps to remove dust but does not always work efficiently and also generates ozone in the process (even though a small amount only).

Introducing another HEPA filter behind your air-con filter may effectively turn this appliance into an air purifier also. Compared to an air purifier, it moves the air around the quicker and operates more efficiently. It is also quiet.

For both the air conditioner and air purifier to perform cleaning effectively, you need to maintain them well. Using a Hepa vacuum cleaner is recommended.


3. Aromatherapy diffuser

Aromatherapy diffuser

Aromatherapy is, in brief, the practice of diffusing essential oils air for relief and healing. The oils are broken down into tiny or super tiny molecules and circulated in the air in the form of very fine mist that is easy for us inhale and to absorb through our skin. The aroma can directly affect our brain function, adjust our mood and alleviate many conditions.

An aromatherapy diffuser is not only able to help us enjoy the healing properties of essential oils; it can help to clean the air effectively too. There are antibiotic oils that can be used to kill bacteria and fungus in the air we breathe. The cool fine mist contains negative ions that are attached to the positive ions. Thanks to this ionizing effect, more dust fall to the ground, making the air cleaner.

The wonderful aromas from essential oil can give the indoor air a fresh and pleasant feeling.

Using an essential oil diffuser is easy: you just need to pour some drops of oils (and/or add some water, depending on the type of diffuser you use), turn the appliance and let it do all the work. It is an ideal appliance to own for your well-being even if you already have an air conditioner and/or an air purifier in your house.

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