Body shaming, what is it? And how can we stop it?

In daily life, body shaming becomes almost a norm. Magazines constantly tell how you can lose the most weight, how can you look thinner and how you can eliminate imperfections. In video clips are women with curves emblazoned while they dance in small packs. In TV shows are actors who are overweight often used to joke about. It has become the norm to criticize aspects of our body. If we all hate our body creates that kind of band. We are therefore in a vicious circle in which we continue to judge ourselves.

What is body shaming?

Body shamen have undue negative criticism on the appearance of someone else or yourself. It can lead to discrimination against people who are overweight. But it is not only focused on prevalence, but it can also involve lower weight, height or hair color. Especially in the media is the common, celebrities who ‘too fat,’ or have arrived, or anyway are suddenly too many fallen. Nowadays, people are increasingly concerned with watching what is wrong with someone and also tell that they feel better about themselves. To counteract this, a more positive outlook come to various body types and styles. Healthy living is still important, but healthy living is not equivalent to a thin, muscular body. There is much more to it. Thin people may suffer from hyperthyroidism or worse, while an overweight just load may have a decreased metabolism, but they work hard to lose weight.

Different ways of body Shamen

  • Criticizing your body by comparing it with the body of someone else.
  • Criticizing the appearance of someone in their face.
  • Criticize the appearance of someone without them knowing it.


What is the cause of body shaming?

If we are sad, bored or intimidated, we are often panted to judge these people based on their appearance. Especially young adults and children are often used here. It ensures that we are not vulnerable to having to ask us. Reduced self-confidence is the biggest reason to attack others on appearance so that the self-confidence is not compromised. Of course, it is human to have an opinion, but it hurt other people there is no solution.

Often we do well to body shaming without us there to be aware of. By making comments like: “You could look as beautiful to look like you lost a few kilos or by giving an opinion on the amount a person eats you unconsciously with these issues. While the person against you have can feel here addressed by.

What can be consequences of body shaming?

When there often negative things are said over the body of a person, the person may begin to feel ashamed of his body. This can lead to low self-esteem, mood disorders, isolation, and self-harm.
People who suffer from body shaming will often also include other people. People are trying to reduce the pain they feel by example to drink alcohol or to change their eating behavior negatively.

What can you do it yourself?

An important step is to see how you do you feel, without criticizing anyone else. People find it difficult to criticize someone without the use of body shaming because it has become almost an automatic response. Try to find people who are positive about their bodies or are neutral about it. When your time with these people spending may help you and others also see more positive. Confront people who do body shaming. If you realize that you are doing it yourself, it is easier to recognize it in other people. Talk to them and try to overtighten there that it can be harmful. Try to see positive sides of your body, but also the bodies of others. Try both to find physical and non-physical aspects where you every day can be proud of again.

What can you do if others shamen body?

Firstly, it is important to kiss not to participate. Making sure that you do not get yourself down to make someone else feel better. Then try to broach another subject. Recognize also that people are busy with body shaming. You may ask why the other person made that remark, and say that you do not feel comfortable in there.

If you find that people are doing around you with body shaming make sure it does not affect your self-assurance. Try to shut down these people and comments. And do things that make you feel better. Try not to focus on the negative things people say, but try to ensure that you become more positive. Try to achieve goals, to feel healthier and happier. It is important that you are happy yourself with your body that you look after it well and you see that it is beautiful.

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