Some Best Tips to Clean The Different Milk Frothers

Most of the people can not deny the useful things of a milk frother in our lives. They are the benefits when we use this kitchen utensil in the kitchen.

Today, there are many types of the milk frothers for the consumer’s choice. That is also a big convenient of this tool. I am sure that you often pay attention to how to choose the best milk tool

Also, you want to use this tool in the right way. All of them will help you create the diverse beverages. They include cappuccinos, iced teas, cold froth, and lattes.

According to many people, it is extremely important to know how to clean the milk frother properly. In this article, I will have a brief introduction about the best tips.

These tips are the good instructions to clean the different milk frothers. So, you should take your little time to read this useful information, right!

Best Tips to Clean Two Different Milk Frothers

Surely, you will find out the cleaning method in the instruction book when you buy a new milk frother. You need to follow the exact ways. This will avoid damage your milk frother.

I will mention the most popular milk frothers nowadays. They include two kinds of the milk frothers:

1. Electric Milk Frother

cleaning electric milk frother

Normally, the electric milk frothers will have a pitcher, lid, body, and the whisk disks. You can not soak all parts in the water. It is very dangerous for the next using time.

The water can affect the electric bottom. Here are some good suggestions to clean the electric milk frother as follows:

  • Firstly, your milk frother is cool after using. At this time, you should clean it before storing;
  • Then, you must detach the jug from its bottom. You should remember that never soak the pitcher into the water;
  • Beyond that, you should clean the milk frother with the soap under the running water. You can clean one by one the necessary parts of the frother;
  • Finally, using a soft towel clean very closely. Your tools will become clean.

You want to clean your milk frothers better. You should combine this method with some notes. They can help you prevent some mistakes during cleaning.

The pitcher is a thin stainless steel on the outside. To avoid scratch this layer, you should not use the abrasive materials or soap. Instead, you will use the warm water and the clean towel.

You begin cleaning it. In the serious cases, it has the stubborn stains. You can use a little soapy solution to support more. In addition, you must clean it until it is dry fully.

At that time, you can store the milk frother. Storing the milk frother properly will help you enjoy the delicious frothing milk in the next time.

2. Handheld Milk Frother

cleaning handheld milk frother

The handheld milk frother is also the common type. But it operates by using the battery. I also like to use the handheld milk frother because it is simple to use.

It works very effective to create the frothing in lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolates, and other drinks. They include the shaft with the stainless steel and the whips with the plastic.

It is always to encourage the users who must clean immediately the milk frother after using. It is terrible to clean it by the dishwater.

You can clean the whips with soap or a suitable detergent. Or, you can use the warm water for replacing.

Some Essential Things to Remember for Cleaning The Milk Frothers

cleaning tips

Each type of the milk frothers has the different notes.  To help you be easy to remember all tips, you can keep in your mind some essential things for cleaning the milk frothers below:

  • Do not let water seep into the connectors with the power. Some types have the connector under the milk jug.
  • Keep the dry milk frother for each use. It is a good idea to have a soft towel and you must clean any liquip before using;
  • Do not use any abrasive cleaning detergents. Actually, it can scratch the brilliant stainless steel on the outside.
  • With the stubborn residue, we can add a little appropriate detergent or anti-calcium soap to eliminate it. However, do not use them frequently.

In short, cleaning the milk frothers will become easier with these tips. It is very pity if you have the mistakes during cleaning. Of course, you never know what mistakes when cleaning the milk frothers.

Thus, you should refer to what I just mention above. I hope that you have the most useful knowledge to maintain the milk frothers in the right way.

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