About Us


Our mission is to improve the health of Haywood County citizens.  Our local coalition is not a project, but a process, to bring together community members to focus on health.

Healthy Haywood is based on the concept that community members are the most qualified to effectively prioritize the health concerns in their community and to plan and execute creative solutions to these problems.  We are a program of the Haywood County Health and Human Services Agency.

Healthy Haywood consists of coalition members and a Steering Committee.  Coalition members are the “worker bees” and volunteer at various events and programs and/or attend monthly meetings where each member plays a very important role in helping us address the determined health concerns.  Steering Committee members oversee the organization as a whole and help make administrative decisions.

Based on data collected from Haywood County citizens and current health statistics, Health priorities are determined by the community every three years.  Our current priorities are featured in the 2012 Community Health Assessment, 2013 State of the County Health Report and 2012 Community Health Improvement Plan.

Various health topics emerge as the coalition grows.  The coalition creates action plans that include programs and activities as well as support for policies addressing health concerns in the county.